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Teen Bigha Dus Haath 

is a nature based resort only 20 kms (45 min) away for Behala, best picnic spot near Kolkata.

This is exactly located at Rania, Kuchagadi, Near the Uttar Sargaria Primary School. It is very close to the Burul Ghat. The nearest train station is Budge Budge. This is located in South 24 Paraganas.

From Behala Tkakurpukur, one needs to take the Bakrahat Road. After crossing Bibirhat, Baba Boro Kachari, one reaches Muchisha, the nursery capital of West Bengal. 5 kms from Muchisha is Rania Notun Rasta More. One needs to take left and go to Kalitala after crossing Kuchagadi. One would also cross the famous Rania Ramkrishna Mission Math on the right. 500m onwards is located the Uttar Sargaria Primary School. 50m down the pathway stands the 3 acre, 10 bigha sprawling Nature Resort :  Teen Bighs Dus Haath - Best Picnic Spot Near Kolkata.


Teen Bigha Dus Haath. Unique. Well, the place got its unique name (Teen Bigha) from the original 3 Bigha plot on which it was originally envisaged. Now it is more than a 10 bigha (more than 3 acres) plot of land. The Dus Haath comes from the fact that the Nature Resort has 5 likeminded friends as partners. Hence Teen Bigha Dus Haath. 

Nestled in the lap of nature this 10 bigha (more than 3 acre)  Nature Resort boasts of serenity, tranquility with its lush green expanses and sprawling lawns. Apart from the seasonal flowers that you see there, this resort also has all the fruit trees that you would have heard of. You along with your children can walk in their shades and be as close to nature as possible and relive your old memories. The nature body also has a variety of large tress that would form a natural canopy over a period of time. Saal, Segun, Neem, Semul, Bot, Ashotta, Chandan, Chatim, Krishna Chura, Radha Chura and many more trees surround this unique, calm and rustic nature resort. You would also find the seasonal crops and vegetables being grown for you to see, and take back if you wish to. You can also spend time with your friends to indulge in some farm work along with our farmer friends during the day.


Teen Bigha Dus Haath has 2 water bodies. The 2 bigha calm water body is enticing for all to spend time on its banks with family and friends. This has an abundance of local sweet water fish varieties like Kalbosh, Katla, Rohu, Bata and many others. Freshly picked up fish from the pond can add to the culinary delight of the visitors to this place. For Anglers, this place would be a delight due to its size. There is a smaller water body that houses other smaller varieties like the prawn. In the shade of the trees, sitting out on the water bank and enjoying the breeze would be an experience one would want to keep coming back to every now and then.

Teen Bigha Dus Haath also would bring to you its own poultry and goatery farm, being reared in the most natural and scientific way. If one wishes, one can enjoy the farm food of one’s choice, being healthy and desi. 

The spot has beautiful and picturesque walk trails across the village tracks. The place stands out especially in the morning and evening as the sun goes down creating a riot of colors in the sky. The group walks shall be etched in memory of all the visitors, more so due to the numerous photographs that you would click in the natural selfie zones created by mother nature, specially for you.

Teen Bigha Dus Haath - Best Picnic Spot Near Kolkata, close to home, rustic, nature resort is your own getaway from the hustle bustle of city life for a cool and refreshing weekend with your family and friends.

Come, visit us!

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