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How to Choose the Perfect Outing Destination for a Family Picnic

Family outings for the grand Family Picnics are an excellent way to spend quality time with loved ones and create cherished memories. However, with so many destinations and activities options, choosing the perfect place for your family outing can be challenging. In this blog, we will explore some tips and considerations for choosing the best family outing destination.

Location & Distance

The location of your family Picnic outing is very important to consider. How long do you want to travel? Travelling together a as a large group for an outing can be really fun. Choosing a destination very close to where you stay shall make you miss the fun of travelling together. A distance too far, entailing 3 to 4 hours of travel also might not be suitable for the kids and the elders in the family. Hence the best place needs to be approx within 2 hours of travel. The destination, if chosen with the optimum travel time in consideration, shall also sure that the travel expenses are within budget. You may also want to consider the climate and weather conditions at the destination to ensure that it is appropriate for the time of year.

Consider Your Family's Interests

One of the critical factors in choosing your family picnic destination is considering your family's interests. What do your family members enjoy doing? How well do they love or miss nature? Would a swim in the natural pond entice them? What about a game of Badminton or Volleyball? Cricket or Football are also great engagers… Angling, small Farm activities might also interest a few members. Antakshari, Musical Chair… there should be something for everyone to indulge in… then it becomes engaging .While selecting the destination for your family outing, one needs to consider the above very carefully. Considering your family's interests and engagement, you can ensure everyone has a fun and enjoyable time during the outing.

Before finalizing, just ask this question… Do you want a destination with various activities or a more relaxing and low-key environment? Consider the type of activities your family enjoys and ensure that your destination has options matching their interests.


Another important consideration is the budget. Generally family outings budget can vary from ₹500 to ₹1500 per head depending on the destination, menu and activities. It’s important to discuss and agree on the budget before planning your outing to find a destination that fits your budget. This will also help you to make informed decisions about accommodations, transportation, and other expenses.

Accommodations & Security

Depending on the length of your family outing, you may need to consider accommodations. While during a daylong affair, the young crowd would always want a to be on their toes, the seniors of the group would definitely want to sit down or maybe even lie down for a while. The chosen destination for the picnic needs to definitely have these facilities. The place needs to be properly gated and secured too. This would ensure safely of the family members, their belongings and their vehicle if any.

These factors needs to be checked up before destination/location finalization.


When choosing a family outing destination, it’s important to consider accessibility. Do any physical or medical considerations for family members need to be considered? Are the activities and accommodations accessible for everyone in your family?


In conclusion, choosing the perfect family Picnic destination requires careful consideration of your family's interests, budget, location, accommodations, activities, and accessibility. By considering these factors, you can ensure that your family has a fun, enjoyable, and memorable outing. So, gather your family, start planning, and make those memories today!


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