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Relive the old world charm of the Great Old Family Picnic: The best Picnic Spot near Kolkata/Falta

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The word picnic throws up so many memories. We have been born and brought up in Jamshedpur. With the word Picnic the first thought that comes to our minds are the great Office picnics that used to be arranged by our father’s office. We remember going to Ghatshila, Dalma Hills, Chandil and so many more places. This annual event of the office picnic in the bus used to be the shared memory of all those going all throughout the year. The memories used to stay all along. The early morning rush to board the bus for the window seat, the hurried breakfast on the bus, the random chorus songs on the bus, what fun we had… antakshari, housie, badminton, the treks and of course the brilliant lunch …nothing seemed more fun those days.

Over the years the annual picnic did lose its sheen and place amongst the families …

but not any more.

Teen Bigha Dus Haath promises to bring back the old charm and fun of the grand old Family Picnic by promising to be best family picnic spot near Kolkata and also the best Picnic spot near Kolkata within 50kms.

Teen Bigha Dus Haath is a Picnic Spot cum Nature Resort which is within 20 kms or only 45 min drive from Behala. This more than 3 acre property promises every group of family and friends a day filled with fun and frolic amidst Mother Nature’s lap. This has a nursery, fishery, poultry, goatery , all built into one large inclusive garden that shall take your breath away and clearly stand out as the best place for booking a picnic spot near Kolkata.

So next time you or your friends want to book a picnic spot near Kolkata or looking for one of the best picnic spots near Kolkata then Teen Bigha Dus Haath shall definitely be your choice.

Nestled amidst nature this Nature Resort cum Picnic Spot near Kolkata has a very beautiful Cottage with spacious rooms and clean bathrooms. The fully functional kitchen gives the perfect accommodation for friends and family for doing their picnics this winter at this Nature Resort.

Teen Bigha Dus Haath has already hosted more than 20 family picnics this winter and there are many more families waiting to enjoy the resort in the coming weeks.

This carefully made up Nature Resort cum Picnic Spot in Kolkata has been made very thoughtfully by its promoters. There is something for everyone here across all age groups. There are very good sit out areas ,there is a Barbeque Pit, folks can indulge in gardening if they want to. Games of Badminton, Volleyball, Football can also be enjoyed there. One can also indulge in Angling in the large water bodies at this resort!

Teen Bigha Dus Haath believes that family Picnics can do wonders to our family relationships.

  • Picnics with our families are one of the best methods to spend quality time with each other as family members bonds extremely well in such events.

  • Everyone gets a welcome break from the daily routine life and gets to converse and engage with each other a lot during such gatherings.

  • Generally the kids are given the responsibility to arrange for the games and fun activities. they gain on their sense of responsibility.

  • Small games like Antakshari, Musical Chair brings out all the laughter, chatter and enjoyment that is hugely required in our daily lives like never before.

  • Shared memories are created with those thousand and thousand of photographs that we cling onto for the times to come.

  • The families, who travel, play and eat together, stick together!


Even when the family picnic is over, the memories of it live on. All of the wonderful memories that are made together, as well as many lovely photographs, shall live on in our hearts forever.

Let’s plan for your nest Family Outing at the Best Picnic spot near Kolkata at Teen Bigha Dus Haath.

This weekend getaway near Kolkata shall promise to bring back the old charm of family gathering back to all of you with its unique offerings of warmth amidst mother nature.

Teen Bigha Dus Haath is waiting to host you !!

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